Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stop struggling-live a life of significance-choose Affiliate or Network Marketing.

They say enemy of a great life is a good life.There are four stages in a persons life. Survival, Stability, Success & Significance. Forget about Significance, forget about Success, forget about Stability ninety percent of the people are just struggling to survive or move between Survival & stability. You ask them and everyone will tell you that they want to be very very successful and they want to live a life of significance but the problem is whenever a person after struggling so much in life, after facing a lot of challenges when becomes a little stable, i.e, he starts earning an income which will allow him to spend more than what is required by him just to survive, he gets into something what is called a comfort zone. This is when people start ignoring or completely stop looking for new opportunities. Businesses where successful people find inroads these people only find problems and excuses. The reason is very simple, he wants to play safe in his comfort zone and he does not want to take any risk without a guarantee of the end result which, of course, is never there in any business, but one thing a man needs to learn in life is that playing safe is the biggest risk after all.

I am fortunate to have attended seminars, read books and learnt from very many successful people like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Stephen Pierce etc. and each one of them and i mean each one of them without a single exception says,the one most important thing required to become successful in life is the right opportunity, and at the right time. Today we are fortunate that before us we have not only one but two such Big opportunities/concepts which can help any common man become financially successful without thinking of making an investment unlike in any other traditional business and those are AFFILIATE MARKETING and NETWORK MARKETING.